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Cafe 13

  • Client:
    Cafe 13
  • Type:
    Restaurant Brand Identity
  • Deliverables:
    Brand Identity
    Enviromental Graphics


Cafe 13 was a kitch Golden, Colorado staple, serving up all-day Breakfast Burritos and Aussie Scrambles to everyone from retirees to young families to local students. It had been acquired by new management and they were in the market for an updated logo that positioned Cafe 13 as Golden’s living room.

Conceptually we loved this idea but it left us with more questions than answers. What does Golden stand for? How do we successfully target everyone in the town? And how could Cafe 13 deliver on the lofty “living room” idea at an executional level?


We believed that the Cafe 13 project was more than just a logo update. It was a refresh that started with brand strategy and extended to marketing materials and the in-restaurant experience. New management agreed.

After aligning on deliverables we dove into understanding the perception of Golden, from the town’s timeless sense of western adventure to the laid-back friendliness of the locals. We also familiarized ourselves with Cafe 13’s clientele. Everyone was indeed from different walks of life but we uncovered what intertwined them all. It was the connections being made. The plans hatched over coffee. The stories swapped over a meal.

Spinning Coffee Cup

01 | Concept

We evolved the Cafe 13 concept to Golden’s living room, where the community connects. This captured Cafe 13’s personal relationship with its patrons and added an emotional dimension to the concept.

We visually created a design system for the restaurant that was meant to look like a quilt. It was monotone to reflect the unity of the community. However, upon second glance it was actually made up of a variety of stories from different Golden, CO locals.

02 | Coasters

We created over 50 unique coasters, consisting of trivia, made-up definitions and intriguing questions, all designed to spark conversation in our Cafe 13 living room.

03 | Extended Hours

Menu boards, color menu, alcohol, Breakfast to bourbon, sign transforming space