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Danimals Wild

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    Brand Innovation
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    Brand Strategy
    Sub-Brand Naming


Younger kids always had a lot of love for Danimals and their monkey mascot, Bongo. But as they aged into tweens their interest in the brand faded. In their minds, the badge value of Danimals didn’t reflect their grown-up, dynamic personalities.

We needed to create a new sub-brand within the Danimals portfolio, designed to ignite our tweens’ previous affinity for the brand while reflecting their evolved and unapologetic attitudes. And we needed to catch Mom’s eye too by celebrating the brand’s better-for-you nutrition.


We knew our tweens were ready to step away from childhood but they also wanted to retain their playful spirit, which happened to align perfectly with our brand positioning of letting kids be kids.

We also uncovered that our target had a unique point of view on artistic creation -- one that blurred the lines between coloring books and ipads. We knew if we could tap into this unique design perspective, we could captivate our discerning market.

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01 | Naming

We unanimously agreed on the name Danimals Wild. It tied into our target’s desire for individuality and self-expression. It was also a simple name, fitting seamlessly into our brand hierarchy all while reflecting the flavor profile of our yogurt’s unique taste.

02 | Packaging:

We brought in a custom illustrator to create a one-of-a-kind Wild world designed pointedly for our discriminating tween. Leveraging our insight, we crafted bold and fearless visuals that were hand-drawn but paralleled modern digital images. It was a design that reflected our tweens’ attitude and was unique to the category. We thoughtfully pulled in the color white to reinforce the better-for-you message to Mom and used Danimals signature red to ensure the brand continued to disrupt and pop at shelf.