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Jack & Annie's

  • Client:
    The Jackfruit Company
  • Type:
    Branding & Packaging
  • Deliverables:
    Brand Positioning
    Brand Story Development


The Jackfruit Company had amazing products and a compelling story to tell. But the “fruit” part of Jackfruit just wasn’t connecting to plant-based meat. As the plant-based meat category was heating up, The Jackfruit Company needed to overhaul their entire brand story to stand out and start growing.


After poring over research and partnering with the brand team, we realized explaining what Jackfruit IS wasn’t nearly as important as telling people what it can DO. Reframing the brand narrative from an ingredient story to a founder story, “When Annie met Jack . . .” opened up more possibilities to tell the full range of the brand’s mission and product promise. It all led to a compelling name and stronger positioning.


Since re-launching as Jack & Annie’s — with a new name, new packaging, new products and a new story to tell, the brand quickly jumped into a tie for #1 in the Natural Channel for units sold per week, per store. Jack & Annie’s also grabbed the top spot for dollars in its category at a national chain, outselling more established competition. On the Grocery side, Jack & Annie’s now commands 27%-36% of market share in its category. The success has allowed the brand to connect with its audience and start dreaming of new product innovation.

01 | Naming & Positioning

Turning the perplexing Jackfruit from an exotic ingredient into a personable co-star with the founder, Annie, opened up storytelling about the brand’s mission. Consumers were able to “meet Jack”, and “meet Annie,” to better understand the product benefits and brand purpose.

02 | Packaging & Identity

We challenged some of the plant-based category semiotics to give the brand a more inviting face that focuses on the sizzle of favorites like jack nuggets, sausage and wings. Packaging is clean but not sterile, engaging shoppers with illustration.

03 | Illustration

An illustrated brand world for Jack & Annie’s created a more approachable, friendly presence. Jackfruit is nothing to be afraid of — we wanted consumers to know this is fun food made by a small, passionate team.