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    Branding & Packaging
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    Brand Identity
    Art Direction


Nova Monda was an early pioneer of the fair-trade movement, sourcing cacao directly from a small indigenous tribe in Ecuador.

A quality craft chocolate with a forward-thinking story, Nova Monda’s value proposition clearly warranted a higher price point. But the packaging didn’t feel premium, making the chocolatier invisible to their potential audience.


We recognized that there was an artisanal revolution happening within food and there was an entire target market who would enthusiastically embrace our chocolate — if we could just get on their radar.

We also knew there was a disconnect between Nova Monda’s positioning of being a superior craft chocolatier and the “mom-and-pop” packaging that was being used at the time.

02 | Packaging

We went back to the roots of the brand -- to Ecuador -- for inspiration for our packaging. On each SKU we illustrated a native bird and flora shown in context of the lush green forest where our cacao was actually sourced. This brought Nova Monda’s unique story to the forefront. We also incorporated gold accents into all of our packaging, further solidifying the brand’s premium positioning and ensuring Nova Monda would literally and figuratively shine on the shelf.