Jack & Annie’s

The Jackfruit Company

Jack & Annie’s

Situation & Strat

Jackfruit is an amazing plant with a compelling story. But consumers shopping for plant-based meat couldn’t get past the Jackfruit name. The Jackfruit Company asked us to reinvent their brand, pave the way for new product innovations, and uncover the founder’s story of discovering this incredible plant.

  • Naming
  • Brand Positioning & Story
  • Identity
  • Packaging
  • Illustration

When Annie met Jack . . .

We imagined the founder, Annie, discovering jackfruit for the first time. We let that story lead us to a new name, a fresh brand identity, and a playful illustration style. The story gave us the opportunity to show jackfruit is nothing to be afraid of. We wanted consumers to know Jack & Annie’s™ is made by a small, passionate team. We paired real-food photography with animations of mighty founder Annie — flexing with familiar favorites like links, nuggets and breakfast sausage patties.


Small but mighty.

Our work with Jack & Annie’s challenged some of the plant-based category semiotics to give the brand a more inviting face that focuses on the sizzle. Packaging is clean but not sterile, engaging shoppers and standing out on shelf. Today, we’re thrilled to see Jack & Annie’s continue to climb the sales-growth rankings, cracking the top 20 alt-meat brands in the freezer aisle in just one year. Go Annie!

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Sizzling results.

Increase in Sales

On the grocery side, Jack & Annie’s now commands 27%-36% of market share in its category.

Tie for #1

Since re-launching as Jack & Annie’s – with a new name, new packaging new products and a new story to tell, the brand jumped into a tie for #1 in Natural Channel for units sold per week, per store.

New Competitive Ability

Jack & Annie’s also grabbed the top spot for dollars in it’s category at a national chain, outselling more established competition.