Situation & Strat

Did you know that, officially, tequila can only be made in Mexico? And that there’s a small spot in Colorado where agave grows? AND we’ve always wanted to design a tequila label? We did our homework on tequila (it’s a tough job) to create the Arcana brand as a gift for clients — and as a passion project for our creative team.


Creative Strategy

Brand World & Story


Packaging Design

Social Campaign


Secret societies and sampling tequila.

We built the brand around the story of El Picaro, “the rogue”, a tequila bootlegger defying Mexican authorities to make tequila in the great Sand Dunes of Colorado. The backstory included the Midnight Agave Society, who distilled Arcana under the new moon. Deep stuff. But it led to a really cool photoshoot.

Catching magic in a bottle.

Metallic ink. Custom stamps. Hand-applying labels. Building a giant sandbox. We let our imagination and ambitions run wild, pulling out all the stops to bring our creation to life.  

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